About company History

The origin of the company's activities dates back to the Year 1944, when the Republican Engineering Planning Trust was established under the Board of Architecture in Kaunas, which was responsible for "...planning of cities and terrains of urban nature, engineering of civil and industrial buildings". Dozens of engineering institutes with territorial planning subdivisions were established thanks to this trust.

Urban Construction Design Institute was established in 1961 and it admitted young graduates as well as territorial planning specialists with the experience in planning.

Special Territorial Planning Department (Republican Department No. 3) was established by the order of the Director of Urban Construction Design Institute on 3 January 1972, which started to employ the specialists working within the planning field. Later on it was renamed to Vilnius Department No. 4. The department commenced independent activities with experience specialists and sculpted experience in territorial planning. Their team was also joined by creative young people.

In 1992, Special Territorial Planning Department No. V-4 under Urban Construction Design Institute together with almost the entire team of planners of Urban Construction Design Institute becomes a public company and in 1993 – a private limited company Urbanistika, which took over the planning works, experience, and archives.

After having acquired experience working in the company, the urban specialists went to work for the Ministry of Construction (as of reorganization – the Ministry of Environment) and elaborated the first draft Law on Territorial Planning of the Republic of Lithuania, which was approved in the Seimas in 1995.

Our specialists have prepared dozens of methodical tasks, applying the experience of the European, US, and Canadian planners in Lithuania, e.g. study "Generalization of the national territorial planning in the European Union and other foreign states as well as the possibilities of its application to the conditions in Lithuania", etc.

Entry of the country into the European Union served as a positive push for the company's activities. Upon the adoption of the Law on Territorial Planning and a possibility to get financing from the European Union, more intensive territorial planning works commenced in Lithuania. Thus, the company elaborated a unique Master Plan of the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania (Year 2002), master plans of the territories of 6 counties, most of districts, and big cities, detailed plans of the city centers and individual regions, as well as dozens of special plans. The work has also taken place in the field of planning methodology: methodical proposals for preparing the master plans of counties, methodology for preparing the master plans of municipal territories, etc. were published.